A day in Shoreditch

Hey Guys,

So I know its been a while and a minute but I’m back with a bunch of fun new posts.

I recently put up a London guide post which was extremely popular so I decided to do another one!  A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Shoreditch in East London which is a hip, cool area full of quirky restaurants and a LOT of street art.

I had previously gone there with my mum but we only got a glimpse of some of the art. However, this time we went in and looked for the art. This isn’t even most of the art you can see when you go there. My family just got tired quickly (I WON’T BLAME MYSELF LOL), so we did not explore as much as I would have wanted.IMG_5155.jpgIMG_5152.jpgIMG_5399.jpg This pig was on a road called Bacon Street! Cool right?

IMG_5392.jpg My mumma being cute and all

IMG_5150.jpgIMG_5151.jpgIMG_4849.jpgIMG_4855.jpgIMG_5143.jpgIMG_5154.jpgThere was even street art on the ground!

IMG_5141.jpgI love when art has a meesage. This is about the tower fire that recently happend in London.



Plus: If you are to visit Shoreditch on a Sunday, be sure to stop buy Columbia Road Flower Market for beautiful flowers like the ones my sister has. Also, Brick Lane (main road in shoreditch) has the best streetfood available so you won’t be hungry,

My Outfit Details:

Bomber Jacket: H&M

Blouse: Newlook

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Adidas Superstars


Catch you on the flipside,

Cora x.




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