Switzerland in the Summer

I know my writing happens so periodically its annoying but I’m back! I really wanted to share my Switzerland trip with you because it was one of my favourite trips ever. It was extremely last minute when it came to planning but was special nonetheless. Let’s get into it:


Day 1: London to Basel


We had an afternoon flight and so we were extremely relaxed. Immediately we arrived, my aunt made us put on our bathing suits and we were off to swim in the Rhein River. It was approximately a 3km swim and was so fun we did it again a few days later. It was, however, tiring and we crashed immediately we got home.

IMG_5774.jpgIMG_5769.jpg Our swim in the Rhein River


Day 2: Reigoldswil, Germany and France

We really wanted to go down this giant slide in the Swiss hills but it was closed when we get there. So instead we went hiking in Reigoldswil. We got to ride the cable car up the hill before hiking.

IMG_6005.JPG Had to take some cute pictures in front of a traditional church

We then planned to scooter down the hill. But it rained. Hard. It was so funny because my mum had never been on a scooter and had to do it in a thunderstorm. LOL. I wish I could show you but I can’t because rain and electronics dont mix. We rushed home and showered because we were cold.

IMG_5538.jpg Found a giant bench and took this cute picture.

IMG_6034.jpg The view was AMAZING!

After getting warm again, we decided to go to the French/German/Swiss border. If you didn’t know, Basel is near the border; the airport is even in France! So we rushed to Weil Am Rhein, Germany to do some grocery shopping, before crossing the bridge to Huningue, France. It was such a cute town we had to find a café to have some coffee.IMG_6085.jpg The bridge between Germany and France.IMG_6088.jpg

IMG_6095.jpg  Huningue, France

IMG_7398.jpg The cafe we went to.


Day 3: Road trip to Interlaken and Jungfrau

We really wanted to see the rest of Switzerland so we decided to drive to Jungfrau. On the way, we wanted to stop in Bern but we left late so we couldn’t stop. We did stop in Interlaken which was so pretty. The multiple pictures I took could not do the place justice.IMG_6172.jpg Interlaken

200 pictures later and we finally arrived in Grindelwald where we took the train to Jungfrau. It was honestly breath-taking and so cool that the temperature could change from 27C to 7C in an hour. IMG_6184.jpg

IMG_6188.jpg The train ride up the mountain.

We pretty much stayed up there for hours and took pictures ( of course) and even got to participate in some snow sports ( I do not snowboard I just wanted a picture. I did however, do some sledding😂).



We went home soon after and got the chance to see the sunset in Interlaken. Such a good day.IMG_6445.jpg


Day 4: Rhein River and Schopfheim (Germany)

We decided to have a late start to the day and had some breakfast at a friends house.IMG_6517.jpg

Then, went swimming in the river again. we loved it too much not to do it and it was even better the second time. Afterwards, we decided to go for dinner in Germany (a bit crazy, I know).

We drove for an hour into Germany looking at the Black forest to have some BBQ. IN A CONVERTIBLE. It was my first time and I loved it. The dinner was great too. I even had ice cream afterwards! Such a good day. IMG_5847.jpg The view from dinner.



Day 5: Zurich

It was our last day in Switzerland so we decided to go to Zurich. Before we left though, we went to the monument to mark the three country border.

IMG_7323.jpg The Three Country Border

Soon we went to Zurich had some dinner near the river and drove back to pack to go home.IMG_7366.jpg The view from a view point we found 

It was such a good trip and can’t wait to come back. Tell me what you think? What else do you want to see?

Catch you on the flip side,

Cora x.


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