MY 18 GOALS FOR 2018




It feels so good to be in a new year as it seems to allow people like me to think about their life and how to improve it. 2018 is probably gonna be my biggest year as a lot will happen this year. I am going to be 18 in May, which is shocking as I don’t feel ready to be an adult. I will also be going to university in September. That’s another huge step for me as I’m looking to go far away from my new home in London. With all these milestones happening in my life, I thought it would be great motivation for me to share my goals with you. This may change your life and inspire you or it might be another average post, but here are my goals:


  1. Grow out my hair

I have been natural all my life but I haven’t embraced my hair as much as I would love too. This year I not only want to embrace it but actually take care of it!

  1. Become flexitarian

For those who don’t know, flexitarian is a type of lifestyle in which a person is vegetarian or vegan 90% of their life and 10% ‘normal’. I really like this concept as I want to eat healthier but do not think I’m ready for the huge jump of becoming fully vegan or vegetarian. This might be my stepping stone towards the future. How to start: Meatless Mondays!

  1. Post more blog posts

This blog has really become part of my life and so I want it to grow with me. Even though I’m probably choosing a really stressful point in my life to be active on my blog, I hope that I am able to be consistent and create valuable content.

  1. Work out more

All in all, I want to live a healthier life. This is probably the most common ‘New Year’s Resolution’ but I want it to be more than that. Gonna do my squats and run a 5k this year.

  1. Try new things

Food. Cultures. Experiences. I want to push the envelope and say yes more. I shouldn’t live in fear. Who knows, I might end the year with a few good stories and a new piercing to prove it.

  1. Get my driving licence

I already passed my theory test (WOHOO!) and now only have to do the practical test. It is the scariest thing for me to do as I keep postponing it but I want to do it ASAP.

  1. Read more

Books are important. I used to read so much but due to life and its challenges, it hasn’t been a priority of mine. I want to change that. My goal is to then read one book a month.

  1. Take care of myself

Self-care is so important. I want to get that glowing skin, treat myself to those cute boots. Keep working hard for myself.

  1. Study hard

This is a really important school year for me as I will be finishing high school. I want to do well so therefore I must study.

  1. Live simply

I need to begin appreciating the little things more. The sun, nature, smiles from strangers etc.  just take life as simply as possible.

  1. Take a few days off social media each month

I seem to have fallen into the hold of social media and want to change that. A friend of mine has inspired me to take a few ‘detox’ days where I’m not on social media for a few days.

  1. See more music live

Last year, I was lucky enough to go see many of my favourite artists including Bryson Tiller! I want to continue this as it brought me so much joy. I also want to go to more festivals and small gigs just to widen my music love.

  1. Build on my foreign language skills

Fact: I speak Swahili. This year I not only want to ensure that I keep Swahili at its fluency level, I want to begin learning another language. Korean, French, Dutch or even Luo (my traditional language). Who knows, I might be trilingual by the end of the year.

  1. Wake up early

I used to wake up pretty early to study for school. But recently I’ve been waking up 20 minutes before I’m supposed to leave! I really want to change this so my mornings aren’t as stressful. I also want to have the opportunity to eat my breakfast, lol.

  1. Get enough sleep

I like to work at night. I’m basically nocturnal. But that doesn’t work with a school schedule which often ends with me getting about 5-6 hours a night each day. Not only do I want to wake up early (see above) but I also want to get more sleep. Cause stress and no sleep are a toxic mixture.

  1. Watch more films/series

This may juxtapose what some of my other goals are but I want to go to the movies more and watch more shows that make me happy. My best friend and I decided that were gonna take one day in the month to hang out together and I’m sure we will probably just watch movies, lol.

  1. Finish a 30-day challenge

I have a bad habit of quitting something when it gets too difficult. This year I want to actually put myself though it, even if it’s as silly as a 30-day dance challenge.

  1. Enjoy life.

It is beautiful.


I cant wait to see where 2018 takes me. I definitely have more goals for the year spiritually mentally and physically but I want to start here.

Hope you all have a good year.

Catch you on the flipside,

Cora x.



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